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Meat Policy in Turkey

Meat prices in Turkey took flight in recent years. Producers also complain about the butchers. The ministry is pointing out the işaret factors that pursue exorbitant profit. Which is happening to the consumer again. Why are meat prices so expensive? What do you need to do to find cheap and high quality meat? We investigated. WHY EXPENSIVE? 1) "expensive because there is no raw meat in Turkey. We have done wrong so far. We used the dairy breed for meat. However, the milk breed is separate, the animal is separate from the meat breed. , When you feed the milk with the same milk and feed, it takes 600 grams a day, while the meat breed gets almost two kilos. So far, we tried to get meat from the milk race, so the meat is out of the day. Bugü 2) The main problem, according to Celebrity Chef Can Obama stems from a state preference: "Turkey Statistical Institute in 1980, according to the total number of sheep and cattle were 87 million. At that time, our population is 44 million. The total number of animals today is 58 million. Population is twice as usual. Such is the reason for this: Turkey had come to a crossroads; it would be an industrial or agricultural country. He chose to be an industrial country. In fact, both could be carried out in a balanced manner. In America, in Europe, these two walks together. There is always meat at an affordable price. " WHAT IS THE PERMANENT SOLUTION? 1) Producers and butchers agree that imports will not be a solution. Cüneyt Asan believes that the way of production should change: ın There are animals called tarz combined race C; it gives both milk and meat. Austrian origin. It is the healthiest meat in the world. If we start to produce them, we will be selling meat abroad after three years. " 2) Can Oba, subsidies and taxation suggests: "Turkey is the world's most expensive meat for consumption. Make a meat tax; gasoline five pounds, seven pounds, but this country's children eat meat. Children, the elderly, patients have to eat meat. It's so clear. There are people waiting for the Feast of Sacrifice to eat meat.


Unknown about veal

THE HIGHEST PROTEIN When we look at the protein content of 100 grams of sheep and beef, the highest value is found in beef. Because there is 28 grams of protein in beef, 17 grams of protein in sheep. Veal can be recommended especially for individuals who are in the age of development, who have entered the period of pregnancy, who are in the period of menopause and who do sports.



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